Body languages in the science text

What? what?

I can’t write the content, but I have the title about “Body Languages in The Science Text”

What a fabulous title!

But sorry, I’m in the wrong way, you are also tricked. The title doesn’t show the content.

I don’t know. Really don’t know about body languages. That is just an ’empty’ theory you know.

Empty in my head.

Kinesic? Gesture? Mimic? Taxis? Proxemic as nearness and distance? Tone, token, type?

Oh what the hell!

You know what, I know that actually, I can read your body language, I’m totally understand.

But pardon?! Sorry?! I have to write them all what I’m understand about.

No. It’s not good. Not good for my healthy.

Since I have to write them all in German.

Sorry? with the art of science text too?

Ah! Annoying!

I tell you right now. There’s no written body language. Not even a letter.

So let it be. Just ignore all of them. Read them all in your head and tell people with your mouth. I think it’s better.

Oh, whoever you read this. If you are Professor, please just give me an A with a wide smile.

Because I love body languages.

Believe me.

Look I know from here, that the reader confused after read this.

In body language ‘confuse’ means: The eyebrows meet in middle above their nose.


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