5 Movies that Make 1000 litre Tears

The title is just so hyperact of me. But, it’s true, I was so crying after or during watched this movies, so that I want to tell rightnow. I show all this sad movies, that I watched all of them when I’m already in Germany. So far away from my family, friends, and my lovely hometown. Maybe the tears went down because my homesick, or maybe it’s just it is about the film. Most of them are Korean, but you don’t have any problem of korean film/drama, do you?! If yes, please go happily ever after from my blog. πŸ˜‰

So here is the list of film or film serie, (watch out: spoiled!!)

The thema is about love, and family. There’s a boy who adopted by western family in Australia. He is a beggar, and robber too. Then, he coincidentally meet a cute girl who falling in love secretly with her best friend in Korea. The boy try to steal her money. The story begin in the 1st episode with bad luck of the main character between that boy and the girl. Then, it’s more interesthing, after the boy come back to Korea, to find his family. His struggle to find about his whole family, makes he nearer to the girl who he knew in Australia, because that girl has relation with his family.

Actually, I ever have watched this film since I was in Indonesia. But the taste was really different if you are really alone in foreign country like the boy as lead main role in this film. What I really like in this film serie are: the chemistry from the couple of main role and from the couple mother-son, fashion, unique romance act from the couple, and the tears look like real.. 😦

There’s hollywood remake of this film, but no compare with this original korean film. The original one made me really fly and lill’ cry at the end, but the remake just gave me no end, because I was stopping it at the 10 minutes start. The thema of this film is just about love love love, so romance film. Nothing special about the story, start with the typical coincidence bad luck of the meeting between the couple main role. The boy is really dumb, and the girl use it. The boy is not really good looking, and the girl is really pretty. The boy really loves the girl, and the girl doesn’t really love the boy yet. After then the girl realized, only that boy who really cares about her, he is whose dumb, not good looking, and really loves her. But, they have to far away..

I really love this film, can’t count how many times I watched this film. Since I was in highschool, till now, sometimes I watched again this film. Maybe now, I’m just watching one scene special that always in my head with really good soundtrack. So, I was crying here, after looking that special scene, and in my land I was never crying about this film before. Freaky why.

Yihaaa!! It’s time for french film to make me cry. Commonly, french films always make me happy go arround. But this film, wow! I really love the script, the act of all the roles of film, and the shoot of camera. All are look like so reality. The film’s thema is about friendship, kind of drama categories.

So, the story tells about 10 person who have really deep friendship. 5 women, and 5 men. They are all couple. The two couple of them are married. Then, one big traffic accident from one of them change all their plan. They planned to make a vacation in an island like before, that they were always to do. After this accident, they have to decide about the vacation, because one of them is dying in hospital. I can’t tell to much about the negative or the positive. This film is a must to watch if you have so many good friends.

THE HELP (usa)
Ok, now, the hollywood film. Hmmmm… I don’t have any mood to make any recension of this film. There’s a book from this film too. So it’s useless if I describe the story. About the thema, I can tell you that this film tell you about humanity and racist, kind of drama film. The things that make me so crying in the middle of the night and in the poured rain, are the acting from the main role, beautiful movement of camera, and the script based on the book of course. It’s just really good mix for a drama film. This film has succed to make my tear fell down at last moment of the film.

Yeah, allright I tell you a lill’ bit: the story about the white journalist woman who want to reveal the real story about the black people as helper in white family house. She’s smelling something fishy in around her. She was inspired by her helper self, who was gone without reason, and her mother didn’t want to tell her why.
Is my short recension help you? just say yes!


Then, the last film that I watched, that make me sooooo cryyyyyy, and then I repeated the film after the end, and then I was cryyyyyiiing again. So dramatic maybe I am. The thema of this film is about family. It’s starting about the boy who try to suicide. He had so many way to bring his dead in his hand, but nothing. He is just life. After one try, he is almost dead for a pair second or minutes (I don’t know detail), but then again come the rescue team, and he is still living. The different is, after that happens, he can see ghost.

Above is the story of this film. Are you wondering, where is the part that can make me cry??!! Just see it, and you will see. Maybe after I told you, you wouldn’t so like me who crying a lot, because you’ve heard from me that this film will make you cry though you don’t know the reason, but nevertheless you will carefully during watching it. Ok, whatever. But, my situation is, I don’t know anything about this film and just analyse from the cover, that this film is a comedy film, then I was boring at the first, then boring at the middle, then at the end I was wrong. So, the script is two thumbs up from me.

Finish. After “Hello Ghost” till now, there’s nothing more film, that can make me cry and shy during or after watch the film. Especially here, when I’m homesick. Not yet.

ps. arrangement of the list based on the time that I saw the movies


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