Seems that You…

* Seems that Love isn’t always give happiness
But no day We can live without love and cherish

** Seems that Our dreams have to take a rest for a while
One day I’m sure, we’ll wake all of them up to be true

*** Seems that hard for Girls to get our match boys
Someday We can buy matchbox to burn their hearts with jealousy

**** Seems that not enough money for us to satisfied
But everyday there’s so many People feel happy just with a coin

***** Seems that all of this Words are strange for our tongue but familiar for our ears
Surely, day by day English become near and near to us

Seems that You want to talk with me ‘bout things
Just today You can note me ‘bout this ‘note’ and start it with “seems that.. ”


Inspired by Friends:
* PusVa, Uka, NggarCeu, Lilisma, Okky, Mbeng, dll.
** Julpeh, Gun-Kong, dsb.
*** BeuLer, JennKol, Dini, Ondal, Nensi, Kiki-O, etc.
**** Vega, Vencoy, Siji, Irwan, usw.
***** Otak, Cincun, dkk.

-Bandung, Sunday 24 May 2009-


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