I have a date, with no one.

We can.
I know we can make a date with no one.

The rules:
Make a list where, when, what, and how you’ll do that,
But, don’t make a ‘who’-Question,
It’s a big rule thing!

You think, it’s pathetic
I think, it’s fantastic
Just waiting what will comes at your date
Just bored when it was nothing
So just yelling!

Imagine where,
we could go to the shop, to the sea, to the library, to the jungle, to the cinema, to the ship, to the mall, to the wind, to the train, to the land, to the club, to the mosque, to the cafe, to the cyberworld, etc.

Imagine when,
we can going now, or will go tomorrow, next week, month, year, but not next century.

Imagine what,
do you love shoping, singing, watching, praying, sailing, fishing, dancing, walking, music listening, drawing, video making, off showing, picturing, writing, surfing, etc? yeah, you could.

Imagine how,
you must have a date with good clothes, beautifull make up, luxury perfume, pretty view and cozy music
like you really have a date with someone.

It would be so wonderful,
without small fight about where should we eat, which cinema we should go, or when we have a date, babe?
so free like a bee

But I know, it would be so sad,
if you look some funny things and just could laugh in your mind
if you want a hug and just could lay down your head at the window in the bus
if you want some kisses and just could buy a cup of ice cream in summer time
if you need satisfy of sociality and just take your handphone, i-pod, notebook, etc

to feel I-do-have-a-date-with-no-one…
but just look some fresh air.

But it is, life isn’t just to full fill with a family, friends, or partner in love
happy with yourself in your lovely date.
So, I dare you to have a date with no one but yourself
and just have it fun!

-Hamburg, Monday 14 March 2011-


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