Dark Vacation

So, here I am, in my vacation. Till 2:05 don’t have any sleepy feeling. My brain is so full enough. With life, with love, with joy, with sadness, with family, with money, with future, with jealousy, with God, with humanity, with world, with talent, and with vacation.

Why human have brain, if we have a religion? Why human need friends, when we death alone? Why I should care about others, if I still feel about jealousy things? Why human should seek a talent for some good future, when it make us sad? Why I have to hear my parents and be far from my family, if they don’t give me money? Why I’m feeling love, when I don’t know nothing about it? Why I feel alone, when I still have God? Why I have to live, if I don’t feel any joy? Why I must to spend my vacation, if I don’t have any world?

Now is 02:16, and I’m still in darkness. Since it’s winter, and the sun go up so lately, I don’t have to feel guilty. Maybe in the next season, I would be happier or maybe be the happiest girl in the space.

#playing Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees


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