my open eyes and ears

That day, I was thanking God for answer my pray. God loves me very much, I know it, never doubt it. I’m never doing something bad commitment or hurt someones heart, surely God had prepared somebody best for me too.

So, that day, God had oppened my heart. God showed me, who the hell exactly my crash is. Yeah, for over a year I crushed with a man who is 30, who is nice, who is good looking enough, who knows how to treat a girl, who don’t have permanent job, who always funny, who could make me comfort, who is a disc jockey, who is vegetarian, who is non alcohol and non ciggarete, and who is (I just recently knew, but I’ve ever thought before) Rabbit..Yeah, rabbit! I’ve heard from my friend who is also ‘close’ friend of him. He just has capability to treat women.

Actually before that day, I’ve just thought it looong time ago since a couple months after knew him..But I just ignored it, close my eyes, my ears, and my heart. It’s really different, if you heard from somebody else who you trust, really different..

And with the background in that day, that I prayed to God to show me about that man, I’ve just realized..he’s just not into me… yeah I’m copying that quote from someone famous, but I can’t think about another super sentence than that, I’ve just stucked with this quote. Could someone with writing talent, help me with other words? nooo, I don’t have time to wait that or this talent rightnow, I just have to move on to write.

Well, since that day, I’m so free right now. The songs are more cheerful, the skies are looking more blue, the birds are singing so beautiful, and I’m just seeing so many fishes in the sea. Oh it’s really good, when we aren’t blind and deaf. So new love, I’m waiting for you now, and just get ready to grab new butterfly effect in my stomach.. 🙂


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