Heartbeat for Stranger.

When I saw you blink, I melt with you. Just say yes that you too, hope you say so at first.

In cold december and under the blue sky collapse, I want to run run run, and just let my shoes lead me forward, than have too much great expectations to you.

And I see, there’s a light that never goes out. Maybe someday you are to me, because now, you are too strange and beautiful..

Even ago I knew you a lill’ better, I had words to say for your girl: „I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend to dance!

So, I’ve changed my mind and would have to rip the universe, and it was a movie script ending.

Because, No, I in threesome! Or maybe this feeling is just a Casanova Lament.

It’s really sad and pathetic for me, because of I know you are, but what I am.

So, it was a Doubt, and was really sure that ‘I’m giving up on love‘, especially at that time in the park that you saw me, but ignored me.

I really want to Ctrl+alt+del my heart.

But I can’t stop feeling..

I think I’d thought I’d nothing else to think about, and as always, thought of you.

When you’re gone, The world spins madly on..

And seeing you is like heaven’s on fire.

Where you go,

I just miss you.

Come here,

because you already know.

Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken.

Close to me….

the Bird and the half of Lamp Pillar

p.s. for you my stranger, play all the block words with your music..


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