I Love You, (or something.)

Loving you, or something like that, make me so blind about times. Wasting time to think about fashionable style that maybe isn’t your taste. Wasting time to think how to make a snack talk with you, theme from a till z. Wasting time to think about; where are you, what you do, when will you come to me, and how do you feel about me, or something like that.

I know, it sounds so childhood…

Loving you, the person that not mine yet. My friends tell me that I’m so young about this love things. They, kids, make this things too, write a letter or maybe a poem for someone who isn’t somebody for them yet. They, kids, be wherever this someone always be, like favourite things like what this someone likes. They, kids, always make wishes, tell their friends, about someone, who really does not recognizes them and maybe ignores them. A great expectations about someone, who isn’t even a great one. That Kid’s things, or something like that.

I know, this way is how I’m loving you…

Loving you, so secret, and mysterious. Actually, you don’t make me okay, beautiful, smart, fine, rich, lovely, or something like that. But, when I near you, I feel just comfort, family with, live and chemical reaction in my body.

I know, it’s just too much meaning, and not enough reasons to love you….

Loving you, or something like that, makes me sometimes or almost hurt because you can’t be mine, never. But, in the same time, makes me creative, dreamer and feel so special, in between blood and your smile.

I know. The way I love you is maybe something bored, who will happen just in my life, not yours. The things I love you are something that nothing, just dance in my head, but no sacrifice, tears, act from me, and no brokenheart in between us. The reality that I love you is something fantasy, just me who clap the hand. The person who really in love is just me. We could say, this love story come from me, for me, by me.

Am I really loving you with something like that I said above? or we could say, something like make me so normal, who could feel love songs, or could live a romance life. Without you, I couldn’t be a director of my romancy film-life. With my words, sentences, pharagraphs, I wish:

when you read all of this, maybe you could sing my love, hold my hand, kiss my forehead, and say ‘I love you too’.

-Thursday, July 28, 2011-


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